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Fryday Is A Networking Events Franchise That Is Planning To Launch In Neuchâtel

Fryday is a network of professionals and is now looking for a franchisee for its networking events in Neuchâtel. Fryday’s networking events franchise has a low fee, is easy to run and makes good money. Don’t miss out on a good business opportunity in Neuchâtel. Sign up now or contact us for more information.

The Benefits of Being a Fryday Representative in Neuchâtel

International Network

When working with Fryday you will be part of a vast international network of professionals, which is very rewarding both professionally and privately.

Make Money

Running Fryday’s events is very lucrative and depending on your ambitions it can be a good side income or a fulltime work.

Have Fun!

You will be at the center of attention in the nightlife in your city. That’s fun!

Event Management Experience

You will become an expert event manager when you work with Fryday.

Sign-up For Fryday’s Networking Events Franchise In Neuchâtel Now!

Fryday’s networking events franchise doesn’t come with strings attached. You can quit whenever you want.
You will become well connected and a local socialite in Neuchâtel.
Become a networking expert.
You will make good money from Fryday’s networking events franchise in Neuchâtel.
Become an event management expert.
Get access to Fryday’s knowledge and experience from years of networking events production.
Fryday well tested business model will work very well in Neuchâtel.
You will have the exclusive rights to Fryday’s brand and system in Neuchâtel
You will make money and have fun organizing events.
Work when you want, where you want and how you want.
You can work as much or as little as you want. It’s all about your own ambitions.
Fryday’s networking events franchise is easy to manage and a good way to start your career in business, event management or elsewhere.
Fryday’s networking events franchise is very popular so take action and sign-up in Neuchâtel now!

Small Business in Neuchâtel

Fryday is a very affordable Franchise with no starting fee. Fryday Representatives pay the monthly fee for the exclusive rights to use to Fryday's system, brand and access to its knowledge and material in a specified area.

$24.99 per month Proceed

Prices and Conditions

No other fees than the below applies. You keep all the extra income yourself. Fryday has no notice period so you can cancel the agreement by stop paying but be aware that your exclusive rights to Fryday are then forfeited and somebody else will be able to take over your community.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about becoming Fryday's Representative feel free to contact us

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Neuchâtel, the French-speaking capital of the Swiss canton Neuchâtel, lies on the northern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. Its medieval old town spreads beneath the Château de Neuchâtel, a castle begun in the 12th century. The adjacent Collégiale is a Gothic church dating from the same period. In the Jura Mountains west of the city, Creux du Van is an amphitheaterlike canyon with hiking trails and panoramic views.

The Musée d'Arte et d'Histoire features an exhibit of 18th-century automata, figurines with clockwork mechanisms. The lakefront Laténium is an archaeology museum with outdoor displays. In the mountain town Le Locle, an early center of Swiss watchmaking, the Musée d'Horlogerie showcases locally made clocks in an 18th-century manor house. Nearby La Chaux-de-Fonds is a another watchmaking town where the Musée International d'Horlogerie exhibits historical timepieces. Also in the Juras, the mountain pass Vue des Alpes overlooks the Alps. Near the French border, the area around the glacial Lac des Taillères offers hiking trails.