Fryday’s terms and conditions of purchase

FRYDAY Terms and Conditions of Purchase govern agreements entered into with FRYDAY for the purchase of services.

A. The applicability of the general terms and conditions of purchase

Unless otherwise stated, these terms and conditions of purchase (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”) shall apply to purchases of services you purchase from FRYDAY company no: [VAT: SE556768364301], (hereinafter “FRYDAY” or “we/us”) in FRYDAY’s sales channels. In addition to these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, when you make a purchase you also approve the terms and conditions, which we refer to in this document. The Terms and Conditions may be supplement or superseded by terms and conditions of purchase for specific types of services provided by FRYDAY. These special terms and conditions may be found in the relevant product sheet at

B. Purchase of Services

When you purchase a service from FRYDAY, as customer you are responsible for ensuring that the order is correct. Thus, it is important that you check the information in the order before making the purchase.

C. Payment alternatives

You can choose to pay for with a payment card, PayPal or invoice in FRYDAY’s sales channels.

In conjunction with payment using payment cards, as the customer you can be confident that your information will not fall into the wrong hands. All communications containing sensitive information are encrypted. FRYDAY and its cooperating partners satisfy the requirements of the card networks. This includes the rules and regulations applicable to the secure handling of cards - PCI DSS. In conjunction with e-commerce, you can choose to save information regarding your payment card. If you choose to save the payment card, it is stored encrypted. You can at any time delete the saved payment card at, under “Account”.

FRYDAY reserves the right to carry out anti-fraud measures in conjunction with card purchases. In connection with purchases of services against invoice, special terms and conditions for the invoice purchase shall apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Please note that FRYDAY, or the party, which FRYDAY engages for the transaction, may check the credit information of the person who is stated as liable for payment of the invoice purchase.

D. Delivery

Services purchased from FRYDAY are considered to be delivered on completion of payment.

In conjunction with purchases in FRYDAY’s system your purchased services are shown under “Account - Services” when you are logged in.

A service may not be transferred or sold to another person or company.

E. Force Majeure

There is no right to a refund for purchased services. In case of technical problems or delays from FRYDAY’s side delivery should be made at a later date when the technical problems or force majeure no longer applies.

F. Processing of personal data

When you buy a service from FRYDAY, you provide information about yourself. If you purchase a service for another person or company, you provide personal data regarding such person. FRYDAY is responsible for the processing personal data pursuant to the applicable personal data legislation and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. You can read about how FRYDAY processes personal data and your rights under the data protection legislation at:

G. Negligence

In the event a client on repeated occasions, fails to comply with the provisions set forth in FRYDAY’s General Terms and Conditions of services and fails to take rectification measures following a request by FRYDAY, FRYDAY reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

H. Dispute resolution

If you are dissatisfied with FRYDAY’s actions or have claims against FRYDAY, it is recommended that you first turn to FRYDAY’s customer service.

In the event the parties cannot agree, a private client is entitled to have the dispute determined through alternative dispute resolution by Sweden’s National Board forConsumer Disputes (ARN).

Other disputes arising form the Terms and Conditions or Purchase shall be adjudicated by a Swedish court of general jurisdiction.

I. FRYDAY’s customer service contact details


J. Entry into force

These Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall enter into force on May 25th 2018 and shall apply to purchases made after this date.

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