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Log cabins made of thin profiled beams. Available cross-section beam is 140 mm (height), 70 mm (thickness), 140*45 and 120*30. Ordering several houses it is possible to make other cross-section of beam. Soft bitumen roofing is the most is perfect for houses of fine timber. The covering might be made of profiled sheet metal. A house made of thin profiled beam is supposed to be used as accommodation for warm months, so inexpensive wooden windows with simple decorations areavailable (the windows are open using simple latches). It is possible to use metal-plastic windows and windows from laminated veneer lumber. Doors are usually completely wooden made from an array pine. It is not necessary to do the thermal insulation of the roof. If the roof is insulated, heat insulation is laid between the rafters and closed with timber imitation (decking 19 mm thick). The ceiling is not usually a straight line but oblique, it precisely follows the slope of the rafters. If the roof is insulated, the house is less hot in summer. We can also insulate the floor. We use basaltinsulation or natural insulation based on flax fires and hydrated lime (hempcrete). Such houses are usually of one floorheight, so we make direct overlap over the part of the premises for the attic sleeping place. Accurate four-corner joints milled in thin profiled beam protect effectively the corners from leaking and ventilation. Thin dry timber is light in weight and its installation cannot cause any difficulties. You can save money on the foundation due to the low weight. It is possible to put the house on the small blocks or to build pier foundation. A wiring harness cannot be hidden in the thin wall, so part of it is encaved in the ceiling structures, and part of it will be visible (a decorative braided wire is used for this purpose). Warm houses made of double thin beams with insulation. The wall of twin-skin log cabins represents two parallel walls of thin beams 140 * 45, the distance between which is 150-200 mm, and it is filled with insulation, for example, on the basis of flax fires and hydrated lime (hempcrete). Such houses, which are very warm, can be used for year-round stay. Houses of double-beams can be built to the height of 2-3 floors. The windows of laminated veneer lumber are used in such houses. Both the roof and the floor are insulated, so is the interfloor. We can use any type of roofing in twin – skin log cabins. Electrics and sanitary engineeringcanbe hiddeninside the The shrinkage of the house is up to 2% of the height.

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