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Hub One invites you to become part of the key event of the procurement industry

 3 of November, 2016 (Kyiv National Trade and Economic University) 
 "The expansion of strategic impact of procurement in business"

 The purpose of the event: Gain knowledge about the experience of direct costs management and information about innovative processes in the procurement industry in Ukraine and in the world, 
- Rate progressive innovation in procurement management,
 - Get ready to use IT tools and advanced consulting in quality management systems, 
- Take part in the debate, strategy choice of suppliers, 
- Get information about the development of public procurement, and their impact on the development of the sector procurement,
 - Raise the level of knowledge in all areas of procurement processes. The main forum issues:
 - The effective management of direct cost;
 - Outsourcing of indirect procurement; 
- tools to improve productivity in procurement; - The quality management system in procurement;
 - Establishment of cooperation with suppliers, the basic strategy;
 - The role of public procurement in the development of innovative economy.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

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