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Fryday W : Professional Networking

Fryday W : Professional Networking
Event partners

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 18:30 to 22:00
Fryday W at Bar Lipsky Lypska Street, 15, Lipki, Kiev, Kyïv, Ukraine
Entrance fee: 300 UAH

Martin Nunn


We welcome you to join us for an evening for Professional Business Networking, this Wednesday at restaurant Lipsky. During the event we welcome Martin Nunn as our Guest Speaker. Martin will make a short, punchy TEDx-style talk and will be happy to answer questions from the audience. Attendees at the event will enjoy an evening executive networking with senior business professionals.

Topic: Are the media killing investment?

Guest Speaker: We are delighted to welcome Martin Nunn to the stage. Martin is the Marketing Director of The Ukraine Business Journal and the CEO of Whites Communication.

Synopsis: Despite many changes and reforms since the ousting of Yanukovych, foreign investment in Ukraine remains at dismal levels. At Fryday W Martin Nunn, a 24 year veteran of the Ukrainian media, presents a concise and punchy review of the role the media in attracting investment and what needs to be done to reflect the reality of this fast improving business climate.

Event Location: The event will be held in the Grand Hall of restaurant Lipsky, an outstanding restaurant first opened in 2002 within the walls of a 19th century city mansion. An enticing choice of complementary welcome drinks awaits all guests.

Event Concept: Fryday W is Fryday Kyiv’s executive networking event. Events take place at some of Kyiv’s most luxurious establishments and gather senior business figures, directors, owners, diplomats and politicians.

We look forward to meeting together at Lipsky this Wednesday, April 12, for Fryday W with Martin Nunn.

Warm Regards,

Fryday™ : Kyiv

Sam Kearley
Representative of Fryday Kyiv

Lypska Street, 15, Lipki, Kiev, Kyïv, Ukraine