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Lion's Club Charity event with Terry Pickard

Lion's Club Charity event with Terry Pickard
Event partners

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00
Fryday W at Restaurant Quanto Costa Zhylianska Street 87/30, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine
Entrance fee: 100 UAH Pre-registration not required

Thomas Lécuyer

Journaliste culture & gastronomie

Programmateur musical et artistique, producteur d'un célèbre festival de blues, auteur, scénariste et journaliste, passionné par la cuisine et les vins, Thomas Lécuyer est aussi chroniqueur culturel et gastronomique pour différents médias suisses et français. Les pieds sur terre et la tête dans les nuages, il construit sa vie autour de cette citation d'Etienne Roda-Gil : « Je veux être utile à vivre et à rêver », et espère offrir des échappatoires futiles mais nécessaires au quotidien parfois subi.

Long-term expat for 25 years and founder of the Pickard Real Estate Company, Chairman of TUCC (The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club) and Honorary member of the Kyiv Lions Club Terry Pickard will be telling interesting stories about Growing up Ukraine.

He first came to Ukraine in 1990 as a member of British business delegation with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and in 1992 moved here for permanent residence starting his own business and helping our country to develop and prosper.

On the 15th of November at Quanto Costa Terry will tell what life in Ukraine was like when he first came, what shocked and surprised him the most and how it has changed during 25 years.

Do not miss, it will be interesting and entertaining!

When: the 15th of November
Where: the Quanto Costa итальянский ресторан Кванто Коста в Киеве restaurant on 87/30, Zhylianska St
Time: from 19.00
Price: only UAH 100 with all proceeds going to Kyiv Lions Club
Discount: 20% off all food and drink

Sponsors: KLC, Fryday, Quanto Costa and Pickard & Co. Ltd

Wow. It'll be fun. Limited to 100 with standing room only

Registration is not required

Sam Kearley
Representative of Fryday Kyiv

Zhylianska Street 87/30, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine