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Fryday Is Launching Mingle Events In Salem

Fryday is an international network of professionals that produce mingle events.

Fryday operates as a franchise and is now ready to launch in Salem. Running Fryday’s mingle events is easy, cost little and you will get an excellent network in Salem.

Sign up now to take advantage of the events franchise opportunity in Salem or contact us for more information!

The Benefits of Being a Fryday Representative in Salem

Work From Home

You can work from home if that suits your lifestyle. You can also work when you want which improves your freedom even more.

Start-Up Experience

Running Fryday in your city is like running a start-up but much safer. You will earn a lot of valuable start-up experience.

Glamorous Lifestyle

You will run high profile events at the most fashionable venues in town and work at a time and place you chose.

Top Network In The Business Community

You will create a top network in the local business community. You will get to know all the right people, which will benefit you in any business and career you want to pursuit.

Fryday Will Train You In Networking When You Launch Mingle Events In Salem

Running Fryday’s mingle events in Salem will make you a networking expert

Fryday provide all Representatives with networking training

You will get a lot of experience from professional networking in Salem

Working with mingle events will give you a very large professional network in Salem

The knowledge and experience in professional networking you get from running Fryday's mingle events in Salem will be yours for life and will be useful in all areas of your career.

Professional networking is fun. You will get to know many interesting people and they will share their knowledge, experience and contacts with you.

Having a large professional network will make you a person people think of when they want to buy services, recruit or have interest in other activities you are involved in.

Sign up now to run Fryday's mingle events in Salem to take full advantage of the networking training and all the other benefits with owning the exclusive franchise in Salem!

Info About Running Fryday’s Mingle Events In Salem

Running mingle events with Fryday in Salem is a great opportunity for you to make money on the side, learn event management, build a great professional network while having a very good time doing it. Since Fryday was launched in 2010 it has expanded its concepts of mingle events across the world, several hundred thousands of people have registered as members and thousands of companies have added themselves to Fryday’s company directory.
Fryday will give you all the support to be successful with running Fryday’s mingle events in Salem and you will have the exclusive rights to Fryday’s brand and system there. When working with Fryday you don’t commit yourself for more than a month at a time so you can quit whenever you want.

$24.99 per month Proceed

Prices and Conditions

No other fees than the below applies. You keep all the extra income yourself. Fryday has no notice period so you can cancel the agreement by stop paying but be aware that your exclusive rights to Fryday are then forfeited and somebody else will be able to take over your community.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about becoming Fryday's Representative feel free to contact us

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Salem is a city on the north coast of Massachusetts above Boston. It's famous for its 1692 witch trials, during which several locals were executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft. Landmarks from this episode include the Witch House, the former home of a trial judge. The Peabody Essex Museum has a massive collection of global art and artifacts, including a rebuilt Qing-era Chinese house.

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site evokes the city's past as an important Colonial trading port. There, visitors can tour a replica of a 1797 cargo ship. Nearby are author Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace and the 17th-century House of the Seven Gables, named for Hawthorne's Gothic novel that it inspired. The Chestnut Street Historic District is home to the Phillips House, a 19th-century sea captain's home with period furniture. Multimedia shows at Salem Witch Museum explore the 1692 witch trial. Northeast of downtown is Salem Willows, an amusement park with a beach, arcade and 1866 carousel.

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